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*Warning: Explicit language and content*

In episode 13, we discuss a list of true tales of people discovering random people living in their homes. CREEPY!

Host: April Simmons

Co-Host: Sahara Holcomb

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Episode Notes:

Christmas Attic Wilkes-Barre PA– December 2008 “Police said 21-year-old Stanley Carter had been living with Stacy Ferrance and her three children for a week, eating their food, stealing their cash and Christmas presents, even wearing their clothes.” They heard noises but didn’t suspect anything until cash from christmas cards disappeared and things like her daughter’s brand new ipod nano. She saw footprints leading to the attic and called the police. When he left the attic, he was wearing the daughter’s pants and the mother’s sweatshirt & sneakers. It was a duplex with a shared attic and he had previously stayed with the neighbors. All the items he stole were on an itemized list he made labeled “Stanley’s Christmas List”.

Katherine Lang/Shephard (another similar one in Marietta GA)- 2018 “A South Carolina woman returned from vacation to find another family had moved into her recently purchased house. Upon arriving to the home, Katherine Lang noticed a dog and a cat wandering the property, as well as a pair of women talking inside, the Beaufort Gazette reported. “I said, ‘What are you doing in my house?’” Lang told the paper. “It became clear to me what happened.” It turns out Tyggra Shepherd, 22, who thought she had found the perfect place to settle in her family as they relocated from Kentucky, was a victim of an online scam, the paper reported. Shepherd told the paper she found the three-bedroom furnished home advertised in a Facebook group for $850 a month posted by a woman named Rosie Ruggles. She wired $1,150 for the fake lease and was told to use the unlocked back door to start moving her belongings into the house because the person delivering the keys had been arrested.Lang bought the house in October but was still living at her previous home waiting for it to sell. After returning from vacation, she decided to check on the pipes due to the recent cold weather, and that’s when she noticed the unwelcomed guests. A schedule has been set for Shepherd to move out, and Lang has decided to soon move into her new home.

Theodore Edward Coneys “Denver Spiderman”– was the name given to Theodore Edward Coneys (November 10, 1882 – May 16, 1967), an American drifter who committed a murder in 1941 and subsequently occupied the attic of the victim’s home for nine months. In September 1941, 59-year-old Theodore Coneys intended to ask former acquaintance Philip Peters for a handout at his home on 3335 West Moncrieff Place in Denver, Colorado. Coneys broke into the house in Peters’ absence to steal food and money. In the ceiling of a closet, Coneys found a small trapdoor that led to a narrow attic cubbyhole and decided to occupy the small spaced without Peters’ knowledge. Coneys lived in the house undiscovered for about five weeks. On October 17, 1941, Peters discovered Coneys at the refrigerator. Peters struck at Coneys with a cane he carried, but Coneys clubbed him with an old pistol he had found in the house. After the gun broke apart, Coneys continued the battery with a heavy iron stove shaker and bludgeoned the 73-year-old Peters to death. Coneys then returned to the attic cubbyhole. Peters’ body was discovered later the same day after a neighbor, concerned Peters had not come by for dinner, called the police. The police found all of the home’s doors and windows locked, and there was no other sign of forced entry. They noted the trapdoor but believed a normal-sized person could not fit through it. Peters’ wife, who had been in the hospital recuperating from a broken hip during and prior to Coneys’ occupation of the attic, returned to live in the house with a housekeeper. Both women would often hear strange sounds in the house. The housekeeper resigned after becoming convinced the house was haunted and Mrs. Peters moved to western Colorado to live with her son. Coneys remained in the vacant house with the occasional signs of his occupation written off as an apparition or local pranksters. Police continued to make routine checks, when on July 30, 1942, one of them heard a lock click on the second floor. Running upstairs, the police caught the sight of Coneys’ legs as he was going through the trapdoor and pulled him down.[8] He was taken into police custody and confessed to the crime. Local newspapers dubbed him the “Denver Spider Man of Moncrieff Place” after police detective Fred Zarnow remarked “A man would have to be a spider to stand it long up there.” Coneys was tried and convicted, then sentenced to life imprisonment at the Colorado State Penitentiary in Cañon City, Colorado.

JLO Stalker – John M. Dubis 2013, 49, already had a restraining order that J.Lo had issued against him. Dubis spent six days living in the singer’s pool house. Dubis also allegedly told police he had pleasured himself in the garden because he thought J.Lo wanted him to “spread his seed throughout the world.” He was arrested and taken for a psychiatric evaluation.

Zeng – 2014: A homeless man was detained in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province after living undetected in the storage space above a man’s apartment for three months.The resident of the apartment, surnamed Wang, became suspicious of the creeper as he slowly noticed money and other items missing from his home despite no signs of breaking and entering. Wang alerted police on May 29 after finding his door was locked from the inside. Police discovered a hole in Wang’s kitchen ceiling, which leads to the attic of the three-story apartment building. The homeless man, identified as surnamed Zeng of Jiangxi Province, was discovered living in the crawlspace.

Miguel Lua 2010 Planada, CA – The victim said she put her cell phone on a charger Saturday when she went to bed. When she woke up on Sunday, the phone was gone. She was also unable to find her camera in the house, but when she left that morning, she found it on her car seat in the garage, not where she left it. When she returned home around 8 p.m. she noticed brown debris on the carpet under the attic access in her house. She also heard a noise and called the sheriff’s office.When deputies arrived, they called up into the attic for her ex-boyfriend, Miguel Lua, 27, to come out. Lua had been served with a restraining order earlier in the month and wasn’t supposed to be at the house, according to a news release.Lua also admitted to taking the victim’s phone and camera to see if she had been calling other men or taking pictures of them. Lua was booked on charges of stalking, burglary, violating a court order and obstructing a peace officer.

Carlo Castellanos-Feria 2006– A D.C. Superior Court judge yesterday sentenced a former Holy Cross Hospital valet to more than three years in prison for stalking a woman who worked at the hospital, copying her keys and videotaping her while he hid under her bed.Prosecutors said Castellanos-Feria became obsessed with Mrs. Fredenburg-Onion — who was single at the time of the incident — when she used the hospital’s valet service last year.After making copies of Mrs. Fredenburg-Onion’s keys, Castellanos-Feria entered her apartment on V Street Northwest on Nov. 25. He camouflaged a video camera on her dresser and hid under her bed for two consecutive nights before being discovered by Marc C. Onion, Mrs. Fredenburg-Onion’s then-boyfriend who now is her husband. He had a bag containing notebooks, a video camera, two tapes, a power cord, latex gloves and unused condoms when he was arrested.“That’s an example of the kind of careful planning that went into this crime,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Keri S. Barta, who prosecuted the case. “He had a very specific plan in mind for that weekend.”

2017 Arlington VA attic – The woman, who was not publicly identified, heard noises coming from the attic of the house she rents on 22nd Street S, just outside Washington, the Arlington County Police Department said. She contacted her landlord, thinking it might be him she was hearing — “because sometimes he’s used the storage above,” she told NBC Washington — and the landlord called the police around 1:24 a.m. on Friday.When the police arrived, they went to the back of the house, where a stairway leads up to the attic. As the officers climbed the stairs, they called out, identifying themselves and asking anyone present to come forward.“The subject came forward,” said Ashley Savage, a police spokeswoman, and “was taken into custody without any incident.”The police identified the man as Anthony Jones, 60. Mr. Jones, who is homeless, was being held without bail on a charge of unlawful entry, a misdemeanor.Afterward, officers found Mr. Jones’s belongings — a backpack, clothes and bedding, according to NBC — in the attic. But Ms. Savage said the authorities did not know how long he had been living there, or any other details. “When officers attempted to ask him questions, he did not comply or choose to respond,” she said.

Andrew Swofford Feb 2019 – Something mysterious was happening in the off-campus apartment of Maddie, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Handprints began appearing on her bathroom walls. Items of her clothing went missing without explanation.Maddie was flummoxed, and began to believe there was a ghost. But according to Maddie, the truth, which emerged last Saturday, was even stranger. “I just hear rattling in my closet. It sounded like a raccoon in my closet,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Who’s there?’ And somebody answers me. He’s like ‘Oh my name is Drew,’ ” Maddie, who is identified in news reports by her first name only, told local outlet Fox8. After trying and failing to make an emergency call from her Apple watch, she decided to open the door when she felt him trying to push the door open, she told WFMY. At that point, according to Fox 8, she saw a man “in there, wearing all of my clothes. My socks. My shoes. And he has a book bag full of my clothes.” She decided to calmly speak with the man to keep him distracted, all the while texting her boyfriend about what was happening.“He tries on my hat. He goes in the bathroom and looks in the mirror and then is like, ‘You’re really pretty, can I give you a hug?’ ” she recalled to Fox 8. “But he never touched me.”

Amber Dawn Enumclaw, Washington 2017– When Amber Dawn first moved in to her new home, everything seemed perfect, yet as the days and weeks rolled by, she became aware that there was something not quite right about it. Her first clue, which came as she lay in bed on the first night after moving in, was the sound of footsteps coming from somewhere above. Thinking little of it, she nodded off to sleep. Over the next few months however, a series of increasingly peculiar incidents started to plague her. Items of food would seem to go missing from kitchen cupboards, something she attributed to her brother letting himself in to the house and taking things. Amber worked three jobs and was not at home much, so there was plenty of opportunity for him to do so. One night, she received a call at work telling her that her apartment had flooded. When she arrived home she found that her puppy, which she feared may have drowned, was in the sink.Someone had seemingly placed the dog there – it couldn’t have got in to the sink on its own. Things would come to a head a few weeks later when, while sitting in the bath, she looked up at the ceiling and realized that the attic hatch, which is normally closed, was wide open. It was at this moment that she realized – someone had been living in the attic the whole time. Throwing on a bathrobe, she made a quick exit from the house and called the police. When officers searched the property they found food, drinks cans and a sleeping bag in the attic. The uninvited guest however had vanished and to this day his identity remains a total mystery.

Honorable mentions: 

AOL squatter– Eric Simon, founder of tech startup ClassConnect, a company devoted to revolutionizing education methods in the US — he devised an ingenious solution to his food, shelter, and cash flow concerns. What was this solution? He squatted in the Palo Alto AOL offices for about two months, sleeping, eating company food, and working out and showering in the on-site gym.  How’d he get in there in the first place? As it turns out, Simon won a competition hosted at the AOL office, and established an incubator for his startup there. From this, he got a badge granting access to the building. After the contest was over and the prize money gone, Simon discovered his badge still worked. Because many of the employees recognized him from the days he spend there during the competition, everyone just assumed he was supposed to be there and left him alone.  Simon was finally discovered by a security guard in May 2012 and booted. While his badge was taken away, however, he continued to drop by the AOL office daily, where he’s granted access to his incubator room, despite the program expiring.

Toys R Us/Circuit City – was living in a self made cubbyhole in the bicycle dept. There, he subsisted on baby food, and rode bikes around the store to keep himself fit. He also apparently changed employees’ schedules, just for the fun of it. Dug through wall to live in abandoned Circuit City..Used a baby monitor to case the place.Employees called cops during his robbery and he tried to escape back to his hole but the police managed to follow him and find his lair. 

Yard House Restaurant -A man who living in the rafters above Yard House, a restaurant in the 16th Street Mall in Denver, blew his cover in December, 2014 when he fell through the ceiling into the restaurant. Police were called, and upon arrival saw the man moving through an opening in the wall for water pipes and the HVAC system. He somehow damaged one of the pipes, causing a massive flood in the Yard House and adjoining Sheraton Hotel, then became trapped in the walls. Firefighters used a chainsaw to extract him, and he was promptly arrested.

Danny LaPlante’s crimes are numerous and disturbing. He impersonated a family’s dead mother, lived in that family’s walls, left them creepy messages, and eventually trapped them and threatened to kill them with a hatchet. It’s hard to say how much of what happened is fully accurate, but enough of this story is confirmed to still give you shivers.

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