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Guess it Matters to Me S2:01

Guess it Matters to Me S2:01

Season 2 

Episode 1  

The 5 Words That Make My Skin Crawl


I am okay with people when they have a bad experience and want to make social media aware of it if it is a legitimate gripe. There are those times when someone should have stayed at home instead of going out because they didn’t get the service, they thought they should have. The way their go online and write reviews makes you wonder if they were looking for every mistake so they could run to the review page and post it. They type those 5 words that make my skin crawl and I’m not even a restaurant owner – I will never be back! Typing it was difficult. I’m holding nothing back today! I am criticizing the self-appointed critics!


Today is a day that I get to announce something that is exciting to me. I am the guy that always sees himself as the underachiever and the last guy picked for the Jack and Jill softball game. If there were such a category in school for most likely to never be remembered again – they would have misspelled my name and used the wrong picture. I’ve gotten trophies when I was younger where my name was misspelled. Heck – I’ve played an entire season of t-ball as a youngster and during the trophy ceremony the head coach didn’t even know I was on the team. I was mistaken for a girl in head start my first day. So, receiving good news comes as a shock and utter surprise. I am excited to announce that OUR TUPELO will be hosting my podcast alongside, anchor.fm and Spotify. That means, for those of you that do not want to download an app to hear my podcast – all you must do is log on to ourtupelo.com and there I’ll be. Now, this also means that I am narrowing down my topics a little. I don’t think I want to overstep anyone with material, so the podcast will still be an effort to write comedy and find it in what matters to everyone else. The only difference is that I am going to be discussing topics that will find themselves closer to the All-American City. I also hope there is an interest beyond the borders of Mississippi for anyone wishing to visit our area. I will not try to shed a negative light on anyone or their businesses – but if you make it too easy, then it’s your own fault. I will, from time to time, spotlight local musical artist and businesses to give them a shout-out as well as talk about things that – you GUESSED it – matters to me. Sit back and buckle up and let’s see where this sense of humor of mine takes us!


Part 1

Right out of the gate I want to criticize critics. You know the type I am talking about. No, not the legitimate gripe where someone goes on social media and gives an honest review of a business or service that has less than stepped up to the plate – but that person that looks for every stinking thing wrong just so they can run to social media and type the words – I WILL NEVER BE BACK. OH, MY FUDGE JUICE PERCILLA – you mean to tell me that you took the time to try a business because someone bragged on it and it didn’t meet your expectations? GIVE ME A BREAK! You did not have anything better to do than to think you were Gordan Ramsey and for one second thought that anyone really cared that you will never be back? I’m pretty sure that jumping on social media and proclaiming that to the 15 people that actually read your Facebook page appreciates you saving them from such a horrible experience. IF ONLY that were the case. No, you go on to a review page and give every tiny detail like you were calling in red zone strike from a special-ops unit. Some of the reviews are not reviews they are trying to tear down an establishment that did not meet your expectations. Instead of telling the truth that you didn’t care for it  – you have a different set of standards – you wouldn’t know a good steak if the cow birthed it with grade A stamped right on it’s rump roast! I wished for every person that ever typed the words – I WILL NEVER BE BACK there was a law that allowed everyone to show up at their home and eat their cooking with one rule – you HAVE to find something wrong with it. Now, let us really be honest. All you really wanted was to be treated to a standard that may be farfetched and, in your rant, and declaration of never returning you wanted to make the owner cower to that of a humble servant and kiss your boot. This, of course, is why I do not own a restaurant. If I did – the theme would be – I am going to treat you like your mama would. If you don’t like my cooking you don’t have to eat it – I may not make you pay for it – but if you tell me you are never coming back because I had to recook a perfectly good steak 6 ways to Sunday because “you know a good steak,” well that would mean you are no longer a customer. Since you are no longer a customer – I can track down where you work and call your boss to tell them I do not think you are doing an excellent job. I think you should be fired. Harsh? Why is that harsh – that is exactly what you are doing trying to persuade people to stop dining at a restaurant. You should try this the next time you get to go out an eat – post pandemic. I suggest you pick somewhere you have never been. Do your best to get an honest review from someone like Jeff Jones. Go to a locally owned establishment with the only notion that you are going to try something you might enjoy. Don’t bother yourself with whether or not anyone is getting better service than your server may be giving you. If you don’t feel like you are being taken care of then catch the manager and politely tell them it’s your first time there and you have been waiting longer than you thought – is there an issue? Then, enjoy your food and if the manager offers you anything for your trouble accept it or don’t but don’t run to social media and pretend you didn’t at least give them the benefit of the doubt. Also, if it feels like I’m picking on you – I am. I also know that there are some restaurants that shouldn’t be allowed to open a can tuna much less try to serve food to the public – I’ll get them later.


Part 2

I want to give a shout-out to one of our local musicians. I want to give a virtual high-five to Dr. Jeff Spencer. Jeff is one of those musicians that if you have ever had the privilege of playing on a set with him; you find yourself slobbering all over your own instrument watching him. He is a true expert in his craft because he is always trying to learn and get better at what he does. He is humble and he knows a lot about rock and roll music. If you just learning how to play guitar find Jeff in his element and be inspired.

My shout out business is the Nautical Whimsey. First, because I like saying it. Second, because they work hard to make every meal spectacular. I’ve dined there several times with my wife and with a group. It didn’t matter if it was a party of two or twelve, they made the occasion special to us. If you visit Tupelo, they currently have curbside to go orders available. However, once our shelter in place is finished the weather should be exactly right to take a stroll downtown and have a meal at the Nautical Whimsey.

Thanks for hanging out with me on this episode and just as always – if it matters to you –  I GUESS it matters to me. 


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