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Guess It Matters- S3 E2 A New Purpose

Guess It Matters- S3 E2 A New Purpose

When I began the podcast: GUESS It Matters, the sole purpose for it was to give myself an outlet to practice and sharpen my skills as a stand-up comedian. That has always been something I was interested in but didn’t have the courage to really pursue it. It is, in fact, an art that isn’t the easiest thing for a person to do. Where we live, near Tupelo, MS there isn’t a plethora of places to practice in front of anyone. Occasionally, one of the venues in Tupelo will have an open mic night but those times are few and, of course, since the pandemic there is nowhere to work on the craft. So, I started this podcast.

Now, fast-forward a few weeks and as of last week I have decided that Michi would join me because, let’s face it – she’s beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to continue to pursue this because I want to be an example to my boys that 1)It don’t matter how old you are you can chase your dreams 2)Don’t give up and 3) Be willing to change and adapt to what it happening around you. That brings us to today.

Last night when I was preparing for this week’s podcast I was pondering something that a good friend asked me early on when I started. The question was: What is your purpose? While trying to sharpen my comedic skills is a purpose; it seemed more self-serving. That’s not who I am at all. It is most certainly not who I want to be. If I am going to be recognized as someone that can hold the title of Comedian, Singer, Songwriter, Musician then I want those things to serve someone else – not me. With that, the podcast will now feature the one thing that matters to Michi and me the most – to inspire those of you that listen to our music and watch our videos. We have been traveling and performing music since we were kids. Michi was 5 when she started traveling around to churches and singing and I was more like 11 when I started. Somewhere along the way we saw something in the other that clicked and it blossomed into what we have today. We still travel and sing. We try to help out in our community with musical programs. Something that we really love to do is give someone some inspiration to become better themselves. Try to be an encouragement to those that are doing the same as we are or maybe just starting out and don’t really know what to expect.

Last year I worked in California for a few months. A guy that was my roommate turned out was a professional working comedian from the Huntington Beach / LA area. His name is Kent. He is good at what he does! Now, his audience and my audience might differ more than slightly, but he taught me some things that I actually practice in music – but never applied to the comedy side of it – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. I feel like I know those of you that have liked our Facebook page; comment on our live videos; or have subscribed to our new YouTube channel. Since I do know you I feel like this podcast would better serve all of you that might be struggling in your craft. A few years ago Michi and I judged a talent competition in Booneville, MS. The winners would be going on to the Mid-South Fair. A few of their competitors were dancers. We are musicians, we knew nothing about dancing. BUT – we know how to connect with an audience. For those dancers that is what we were looking for – whether they connected. Some did and some were just going through technical movements. Singers and musicians do this all the time. So that is what MATTERS to US.

To begin to share our thoughts and insights on things that can make you much better at what you do on stage. If you are a singer – musician – comedian – dancer – whatever – we want to share with you from now on. We want to inspire you. So, if you are listening to the podcast go ahead and give us a like. If you are watching us on YouTube please subscribe and share our channel. Send us an email or message on Facebook with topics you’d like to hear us cover. Today is going to be a good one that Michi is going to cover mostly and that is being confident in your delivery. It is everything your purpose should illuminate whether you are singing, writing, or playing an instrument. Hope you enjoy the show today – and we’ll get right to it on the other side of our break.

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WHY ARE YOU NOT AFRAID WHEN YOU SING? (I know what I am doing / I know my limits)

If you are uncomfortable on stage – the audience will be uncomfortable. 

How important is eye contact?
How important is not being robotic in your delivery?
You should know what you can and can’t do before you step in front of an audience.
You should record yourself and listen to yourself.
You should be open to criticism (for the most part)





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