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GUESS It Matters (w/Shay and Michi) -To Open or Not To Open

GUESS It Matters (w/Shay and Michi) -To Open or Not To Open

This past week in Mississippi we celebrated or dreaded our grand reopening of the state – albeit with restrictions. Some people seemed 100% relieved and those that were 100% terrified let it be known. Now, on my personal facebook page I asked this question and not to my surprise folks were all over the map with their opinions. Some folks were excited, and others were reserved (is the Christian way to put it I guess).

I find it funny reading about how polar opposite everyone is on the matter. One person (Belinda) from Spokane, WA says they are still on lockdown and hopefully to be clear by June 3. However, closer to home Lou Ann said Tupelo looked like it was Christmas. Jennifer thinks MS opened too soon simply because people are not taking the proper precautions.

social distance photo

One story I heard was about a shopper in one of the big box hardware stores. He was looking at an item when a gentleman approached from the end of the aisle and didn’t ask or say excuse me – just demanded he move so he could exercise social distancing. Now, this is probably why I don’t shop at all in these stores. If I were minding my own business trying to purchase something and someone demanded I move – I’m coming at them with a big ole country boy HUG! If they didn’t like that and ran off I would have chased them into the parking lot until they got into their vehicle and left. Now, I do realize that we are living in the South and the 2nd amendment is alive and well in these parts but if a person runs away from you trying to hug them they probably aren’t packing anyway.

Now, as you probably read in the description the title of the podcast has changed – and now I am including my beautiful wife whom I like to call country fried sushi! She will be joining me from now on with the podcast and we are going to team up and talk about what matters to US from now on.


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