Sometimes, I get very excited about things and MUST rant. I’ve recently seen a trailer for the new movie “I Kill Giants”. This immediately caused me to think about the comic from a few years ago. “Best Indy Book of 2008” by IGN. I remember reading this book kind of reluctantly. It was a book that was getting a lot of attention from female readers.So, as a retailer I was hoping to use this to attract new readers. Then I read it…it was excellent. This book is one of my top favorite comics of all time. The way the book reads exemplifies how the medium of comics can be used. I can speak on this subject totally spoil-free.

      See, I’m interested more in what this story does. What this story does is upend preconceived notions. If you think this is a tale about killing giants; you’d be wrong. If you think this story is not about killing giants; you’d…also be wrong. I, for one, am a huge fan of having my preconceived notions upended. This is actually something I like to call Quantum Storytelling. Few stories can successfully pull off multiple storyline at once. This is truly second only to Watchmen which I will touch on in future articles.

The Cover of the IGN Comic

   In conclusion, If you have the time, I suggest picking up the 7 issue series from Image comics. That’s right a huge story packed in 7 issues. Then, if you like the book, check out the movie. I believe it comes out March 23rd. I hope this film can capture the story well. I guess we will see.

Remember, I am always looking forward to questions and comments.

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