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Marshall Ramsey: 2019

Marshall Ramsey: 2019

I got up at 4:55 this morning, flipped on my phone and scanned Twitter. There was a tweet that said the President of the United States had tested positive for COVID-19.

Holy crud.

I felt a burning in my gut I haven’t felt since my middle-school principal came on the intercom telling us that President Reagan had been shot. Then I felt numb.

I thought back at the events of this year. If you had told me any of this would happen last year, I’d say you were nuts. I am not a fan of Donald Trump as a president but I do wish him well as a human being. No one deserves to die from COVID-19.

Sadly over 200,000 Americans have done just that.

The virus is real and doesn’t give a damn about politics. May, for the sake of the country, he heal.

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