Mississippi Stories: Stacey Spiehler


On this episode of Mississippi Stories, Mississippi Today Editor-At-Large Marshall Ramsey sits down with Stacey Spiehler for an incredible story of trauma, addiction, collapse, resilience, sobriety, recovery and success. After suffering crushing life challenges, Spiehler sank into the world of addiction. After nearly losing everything, she clawed her way back to sobriety and success.

First, by working as a waitress and then restarting her education, Spiehler now is chasing her dream of being a journalist. To help make that dream come true, she recently was awarded one of 15 prestigious Lyceum Scholarships from the University of Mississippi, allowing her to attend college tuition-free. The Lyceum Scholarship is awarded to transferring community college students on the basis of community service, academic excellence, leadership abilities and perseverance. As you will discover, Spiehler has plenty of perseverance.

Prepared to be inspired. 

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