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Reeves vetoes bills. Lawmakers won’t return to challenge them


Gov. Tate Reeves has vetoed several bills passed by the Legislature, but lawmakers will not reconvene Tuesday to attempt to override them.

On Monday, the last day for him to address bills passed in the 2024 legislative session, the governor vetoed a bill transferring money between state agencies, and part of another similar transfer bill. He vetoed four bills restoring voting rights to people convicted of felonies. He let 16 such bills restoring voting rights pass.

Before legislators adjourned earlier this month, they set aside one day – Tuesday — to possibly return for the purpose of overriding gubernatorial vetoes. When legislators provided themselves the option to return on Tuesday, there was a belief they would need to do so to take up an expected veto by Reeves of a bill to expand Medicaid to provide health care for the working poor. But late in the session, legislators could not reach a compromise on efforts to expand Medicaid and the measure died.

Reeves had also vetoed a bill late Friday.

Reeves said he vetoed Senate Bill 2180 because it required the Capitol Police Force to enforce ordinances of the city of Jackson. The Capitol Police Force has jurisdiction in all of the city and primary jurisdiction in a portion of the city known as the Capitol Complex Improvement District.

The governor said the bill might have prevented the Capitol Police from working with federal officials to detain undocumented immigrants.

But, according to language in the bill, it did not require the Capitol Police to enforce city ordinances, but said they may enforce the ordinances, such as to control loud noises.

The bill also removed the requirement that people get permission from Capitol Police officials to protest outside of state-owned buildings, such as the Governor’s Mansion. A federal judge issued a temporary injunction blocking the requirement of a permit from Capitol Police for protests last year.

The bill also would have added another judge to hear misdemeanor cases in the Capitol Complex Improvement District.

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