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A Quick Jaunt to a Fun Haunt

A Quick Jaunt to a Fun Haunt

If you’re ever in the mood for a quick and spooky trip or maybe want a nice meal in a haunted tavern, King’s Tavern in Natchez, MS is your place. Whether you truly believe in ghosts or not, it’s a historical site and has loads of atmosphere!

Photo Credit to wayfaring.com

It was built in 1789 and was once used as  a post office. It’s the site of many deaths (murders and the boring ones as well). Be sure to check out their website for more info.
I’ve gone there as a tourist to eat and enjoy the environment. I have also gone  as part of a ghost hunting group. The level of EMF meter readings in there is through the roof. Maybe there is a logical explanation, but either way, a quick tour of the upstairs bedrooms will leave you with the willies.

Be sure and ask the staff about how many dishes mysteriously end up broken on the floor.

And you might as well look up all of the other haunts in the Natchez area while you’re there…

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