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Daddy Wants “Arsh” Potatoes

Daddy Wants “Arsh” Potatoes

A funny thing happened last week. Let me start by telling you that my 83-year-old dad lives with me. He is a Calhoun County native. In other words, he’s from the country y’all.

Growing up, my mother’s grandmother, Mamie, and my dad’s mother, Mamaw Myrtie, lived with my family. Mamaw Myrtie was even more country than Daddy. So, as you can imagine, all kinds of country slang circulated around my house. I’m sure to some, it seemed as though we were speaking a foreign language! 

Well, I’ll get back to the funny story. My daughter-in-law, Hanna, was working with me in the Bake House, when Daddy called my cell phone. I answered, putting him on speaker, because I had my hands full.

He said, ”Amanda, do you have any Arsh Potatoes out there?”

I told him I did, and I took some to the house for him.  

Hanna looked at me like I had three eyeballs and asked, “What did he ask for?”

I laughed and told her that he asked for Arsh Potatoes. She had never heard this term, so I explained that really, he was referring to Irish Potatoes or any white potato versus a sweet potato. 

We had a good laugh, but truly it was a great teaching moment to help the younger generation understand a little more about the older generation.

Life is too short, eat all the Arsh Potatoes you want!

Stewed Potatoes:

4 to 5 peeled, washed and diced potatoes

½ stick butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Water for boiling

Flour for thickening

Place diced potatoes in a boiler pot, then cover with water.

Bring potatoes to a boil, and then add butter, salt and pepper.

Decrease to medium heat.

Mix together 3 tablespoons of flour with ½ cup hot water until there are no lumps.

After potatoes are tender, add the flour mixture and stir.

Let potatoes cook for a few more minutes until thickened.


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Amanda Lucius Sanderford is a local caterer and business owner. She is the owner and creative force behind Deep South Delicacies. She and her husband Ricky have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grandsons. Amanda is a Tupelo native, having lived on both the East and West sides of town prior to moving to Mooreville in 1998. Amanda has always had a passion for helping others. After her twenty-five year nursing career was interrupted by a local clinic closing, where she was clinical manager and a Certified Diabetes Educator, she and her husband took a leap of faith and opened Deep South Delicacies. She believes that food speaks to the soul and is an expression of love. She considers her business her ministry. When she isn’t in her bakery, you will find her and her husband, cooking for the family and playing with their grandchildren.


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