Tupelo To Me

Tupelo To Me

 Tupelo is a bustling town full of small town personality. The central point of Tupelo, for me, would have to be Crosstown. This area is always buzzing with people, and I believe it contains the most potential for adventure.

 Today, I find myself bumping over the railroad tracks heading downtown. The Old Tupelo Cotton Mill sits off the main road alongside the train tracks, less than a mile from Crosstown. The whistles of the many trains chugging along echo off the walls of the old mill beautifully. I would know, I said, “I Do” to my now husband there last year. Passing by the mill, there’s Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen, famous for its use of local ingredients. Park Heights is close by too, offering tons of great food, and unique seating up on their twinkling rooftop.

I find myself stopping by Crave for a warm Honey Bun Latte and some quality time with my friends, and it just hits the spot. Fair Park is the next stop with its green grass soft enough to run barefoot in. Sometimes when I’m lucky there’s live music to dance to! Eventually, I begin again heading down East Main Street. I pass Rock Star Records; a great place to stock up on vinyl and just ahead, Tupelo Consignment Music, a definite stop for any local musician.

As I drive along, in the distance I can see the huge Tupelo water tower sitting atop the hill that leads further into Tupelo’s residential area. I end my traveling at a little place called The Tupelo Haunted Castle. Come October we will see it full of life every weekend.

Sitting in my car I’m in awe, realizing I live in such an awesome place. It gives me joy knowing I’m so close to rich history, and various cultures. Tupelo is a place to be who I am, a place to share with loved ones. Our Tupelo.

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