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Who Doesn’t Need a Pick-Up?

Who Doesn’t Need a Pick-Up?

It’s pushing a cart. It’s picking up 16 things that are not on your list because, well, they look good. It’s two screaming kids wanting toys they don’t need. It’s 25 people on aisle eight trying to get cereal as well. It’s waiting in the checkout line 14 minutes longer then you spent shopping. It’s going to swipe your debit card and realizing you don’t have that much cash in your account, so you are about to overdraft. It’s… Grocery shopping.

If I am imploring my own personal decision, this is the worst chore known to man. I loathe everything about the process of shopping for food. Don’t misunderstand me, I love food. However, I hate shopping for food. Who’s with me?

Alas! There is a small form of cavalry that has become available for the mom who works a 40-hour-week, picks up her kids from daycare, comes home and realizes that there is nothing to eat. She then has to drive 30 minutes out of the way to Walmart just so her family can eat tonight or resort to spending $60 at Red Lobster.

Forget that! Well, I have the fix! This incredible invention? Walmart Pickup.

It’s seriously the best thing since Ryan Gosling. (AmIright??)

Let me tell you how this awesome process works! Go online (link below), you can use your phone, and pick out the items you want on your list. Set up a time slot to pick the items up. Call them about 15 minutes before you arrive, pull up, the employees load your car, and you are on your way before you could have made it to aisle 2 with 3 items in your cart you don’t even want!

They literally bring it to your car,people!

I’ve got another really great reason to use this process instead of the usual… embarrassing items! I will never forget making my husband go into our local DG for my pregnancy tests because I knew if I got them, someone would see me and start telling everyone we were expecting! Turns out we were, but people found out on our time! Pick up fixes all of that! No one sees you get Rid for head lice, tampons, or even the dreaded contraceptives. Whew!!

Last reason to shop this glorious way for your items… it’s cheaper!!!! You know exactly what you will pay before you pay! This means you don’t get up to the register and ask your 10 year old to take back your steaks because you over-shopped! Embarrassing!

Do me a favor guys and make your lives a lot easier! Just use Walmart Pickup for your groceries! You will save money, time, and definitely your sanity!!!

Use this link to test it out:


You even get $10 off your first time!

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