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A Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset

The brain is wired for learning new information. This new information, when put to use, is how humans and the world evolve. Evolving is necessary for positive change. Think about it. What if schools didn’t evolve, or families, or technology? Everything and everyone would literally be the same. No change would take place, therefore, growth would be nonexistent. However, we know this idea is practically impossible because humans biologically evolve from year to year (i.e. childhood to adulthood).

So it brings me to this: If humans are constantly evolving, then what makes one resistant to change? 

Most likely, the answer lies within the individual’s mindset or attitude. Sometimes the fear of the unknown or a lack of confidence in one’s ability can hinder progression. This may include progression in career, health, relationships, or even in the willingness to try new hobbies.

Being willing to cultivate a growth mindset can help increase a sense of control in your own abilities.

Instead of waiting for something to happen or believing in “bad luck,” when you actively develop a growth mindset, you are then understanding that every experience can be used as a tool for learning. A tool for self-growth.

When experiencing a negative situation such as a negative job interview, one can use that experience as an opportunity to learn better skills. For example, interviewing skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, etc.

The growth mindset doesn’t mean that we should ignore the feelings of disappointment and frustration, but rather we are choosing not to stay there. 

Learning to keep things in perspective is also an aspect of the growth mindset.

Remember, learning is choosing to evolve and learning is choosing to grow.

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