Don’t Interrupt The Quilting If You Know What’s Good For You


Friends, how many of y’all remember quilting? You know, when women got together and sewed a quilt! Didn’t they call it piecing a quilt? And they always got together to do one!

I remember Granny Turner’s old house had hooks in the ceiling to hang the frames from! Y’all remember them old wood frames, thin strips of wood, with nail holes, so you could roll the quilt up. I know they took up the whole front room!

I still have Granny’s quilting frames! Do women still do that now? They seemed to enjoy themselves! Weren’t room for the men in the house, just the ladies — maybe that’s what they enjoyed! I don’t know! But there would be five or six ladies sewing at one time! And they always ran us little boys out of the house! “Go play out yonder!” (We spent a lot of time out yonder!)

Paw Paw said it was more like a hen party, whatever that was! I just remember all the thimbles, needles and thread! They would have the TV going loud, with “The Stories” on, and they would be sewing and laughing!

Paw Paw told us, “Why don’t y’all sneak in there! Crawl under that quilt frame and see what they talking about!”

Well we couldn’t resist that! We sneaked through the kitchen, and crawled under that quilt! They were just sewing, and spitting snuff, and talking about who was having a baby! Weren’t too much going on, but Jeff got tickled and they heard us!

Granny said, “I thought I told y’all to go play!”

And they proceeded to poke whatever they could reach with them sharp needles!

Well, we got out from there! FAST.

Paw Paw thought that was soo funny! We didn’t! Them needles were sharp, and them old women were pretty fast poking em too!

And I think somehow he knew that was gonna happen!

And life goes on, on Thompson Hill!

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