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Lost Pizza West Main St – Country Fried Foodie Review

Lost Pizza West Main St – Country Fried Foodie Review

I had lunch at the newest Lost Pizza Company location in Tupelo yesterday! They’re located in the new plaza off West Main across from Ballard Park. 

The inside, although I didn’t get many pics, is along the same vibe as the original Tupelo location. With custom artwork and memorabilia and a nod to Tupelo’s own Elvis Presley. 

My favorite addition to the interior are the custom made countertops created by Back40 Customs. They are hand poured resin countertops featuring bottle caps, records and more cast right in to the resin. These are certainly a beauty to behold! 

Although Lost Pizza is not new and I’ve tried several things off their menu at previous visits, this time I decided to try something new. I ordered their infamous Delta hot tamales and a Greek salad. 

The tamales were delicious and a pleasant surprise! I added some Louisiana hot sauce to kick up the heat! 🥵 The Greek salad is very unique in that it features some toppings that I have not see on Greek salads anywhere else around town. This Greek salad has goat cheese, grilled artichoke, red onion, roasted tomato, banana peppers, olive salad and house made Greek dressing. 

If you’re looking for some good vibes and good food go check them out soon! 


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