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SOCIAL DISTANCING: A Short Insight on Why it Sucks

SOCIAL DISTANCING: A Short Insight on Why it Sucks

Friends, I really don’t know how much more I can stand. And of course I’m talking about social distancing.

Now who came up with that name? They weren’t from around here; we don’t talk like that.

First of all, most of us couldn’t spell distancing, am I right? We’d just call it something simple like “staying home.” Or “staying home and driving each other crazy!”

Am I right? I mean, we all want to spend more time with our family, but not all at once. We used to want to be together all the time, but not where we can’t go nowhere and get a bite to eat! Not where we can’t get away from the grandkids just get a break!

And the kids too! They think that are exempt from this social distancing, and they come around more now because they ain’t working! And they eat all your snacks!

You thought you had gotten rid of ’em but nooo, they’re back!

And you’re already a bundle of nerves and you just don’t need it.

You’re nervous about the corona and now you’re back with that same bunch from years ago!

You’re sitting here watching nine different news channels and just about ready for the nervous hospital AND NOW, you ain’t even got a snack. Because somebody who is not practicing social distancing has done plundered your stash!

And don’t tell ’em about the toilet paper you got hid in the freezer or they’ll get it too!

Thinking back, ain’t it a LACK of “social distancing” that caused them kids anyway?

Back years ago, when you were young — when you could still hear good and see good and could still go places and eat and just be together — THAT is when somebody should have brought up that dang social distancing stuff!

Well now that’s my opinion and it’s free! Just like all my snacks these crazy kids are eating up!

And life goes on, on Thompson Hill.

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Jerry Thompson is a retired Forester and Wild Land firefighter, as well as an avid outdoorsman and gardener. He’s been married to Pam Walton for forty-some-odd years, and is a father to two beautiful daughters with four grandkids! He has a simple philosophy: laughter is better than tears! He enjoys writing and telling stories! And exclamation marks! And life goes on, on Thompson Hill.


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