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When Your Honey-Dos Turn Into Don’ts

When Your Honey-Dos Turn Into Don’ts

Just an update! Yesterday, Pam left me a list of things to do around home. Here is what happened!

I went down to the shop to get something, and while I was down there, I happened to notice my fishing boat: It had dust on it!

I decided to hook it up to the pickup and take it to the car wash. While on the way to the car wash, I got to thinking, “Why not just take it to the river and wash it off? Save a handful of quarters and just run the motor a little bit!”

So that’s what I did!

While motoring around on the river, I found a fishing reel! Imagine that!! I was just having a big ole time!

Then I hear my cell phone ring.

“Hello? Yeah, getting it done!”

Pam says, “What is that sound? Sounds like a weed eater?”

And I’m thinking “What sound is she hearing? Oh! No! It’s the boat motor!”

So I had to think fast!

“Oh yeah, that’s what it is! Weed eating like crazy! Yep that’s me! Oh boy just got a bite! I mean, just got a big bite out of that list you gave me! Uh Huh, Love you too! Bye!”

Well the good thing is we got fish for supper!

Hope she gets in before dark so she can dress em!

I don’t like to have to stand out there with a flashlight, especially in the rain. It gives me out!

And life goes on, on Thompson Hill.

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