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The Tupelo Food Experience

The Tupelo Food Experience

As a Tupelo native, I grew up on both the east and west sides of this great city.

As a young teen, I enjoyed those Saturday outings at the J.C. Penney Mall, where my friends and I would saunter in and out of the shops while dreaming of the day when we would be able to afford those beautiful clothes which so elegantly hung on the ladies made of plastic.

The highlight of the day came when we would pull the crumpled dollars from our pockets and head over to the Orange Bowl, where giant slices of cheese pizza were waiting to be dressed with mustard. We would sit on those bar stools and devour what resembled a tiny island.

If we were particularly rich, we would opt to pool our money and gather at Pasquale’s. We would sit at a tiny round table in a dimly lit dining room pretending to be career ladies gathering for a special lunch meeting.

Throughout junior high and high school, food continued to draw my friends and family together.

The only Mexican restaurant Tupelo during that time period was Taco Hut. I will always have fond memories of that glorious cheese dip and those crunchy tacos.

Vanelli’s was still located on South Gloster, in a building that appeared to have seen it’s better days, but was always bursting at the seams as patrons sought their chance to eat the best Greek/Italian food in town.

In recent years, Tupelo has come into its own, with locally owned restaurants.  

Places like K.O.K., Forklift, Romie’s, Blue Canoe, Park Heights, Vanelli’s Bistro, Nautical Whimsey, and Cafe 212 (just to name a few) would challenge any big city eatery.

Tupelo has a plethora of multicultural cuisine sure to please the most adventurous of palates, while Connie’s and Danver’s serve as old family friends.

Oh, have I mentioned our food trucks?! We have food trucks! And some new franchises blossoming here as well: Fox’s Den Pizza, Jimmy John’s, Zaxby’s, and many more.

And then, there are wannabes like me, a home cook trained by her mother. Deep South Delicacies, my new venture, focuses on home cooking and treats from a time almost forgotten. Fried pies are my favorite as well as my specialty. Our slogan is “food that taste like your best memories.”

Food surrounds great memories and Tupelo is the perfect place to make new ones.

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Amanda Lucius Sanderford is a local caterer and business owner. She is the owner and creative force behind Deep South Delicacies. She and her husband Ricky have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grandsons. Amanda is a Tupelo native, having lived on both the East and West sides of town prior to moving to Mooreville in 1998. Amanda has always had a passion for helping others. After her twenty-five year nursing career was interrupted by a local clinic closing, where she was clinical manager and a Certified Diabetes Educator, she and her husband took a leap of faith and opened Deep South Delicacies. She believes that food speaks to the soul and is an expression of love. She considers her business her ministry. When she isn’t in her bakery, you will find her and her husband, cooking for the family and playing with their grandchildren.


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