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Southern Craft Stove + Tap

Southern Craft Stove + Tap

Location: Southern Craft Stove + Tap

Address: 205 East Troy Street, Tupelo, Mississippi (Fairpark Towers)

We are so excited to finally have our doors open in Tupelo and we so appreciate all who have already come to visit us here at Fairpark Towers! We have a wide variety of items on our menu that are sure satisfy the cravings of the entire family!

I love being surprised, in a good way, when visiting new restaurants. The atmosphere, new menu selections, getting to explore everything from a well stocked bar to the seating and decor.

Southern Craft checked all the boxes with its new Tupelo location! My daughter and I got there a little early so I could do a little exploring first.

They have a huge amount of seating, but it’s laid out so that you can sit and watch the city life outside, maybe sit at a beautiful handcrafted wood table while watching the staff prepare and plate the meals, find a cozy corner spot to talk and enjoy the moment. They also offer a large banquet room with large screen tv for special occasions.

The wait staff were all on point. From taking our orders, answering questions, and keeping our glasses full. Oh, and they were very understanding and patient with all my questions and numerous photos.

They have a large drink and wine selection with detailed description of each so that your libation, meal, and mood are all perfectly matched! Also, an entire wall of Beer on tap that rotates every couple weeks so there’s always something new to sample!

What I ordered: The Harvest Salad, the Beyond Burger, and the 14oz Ribeye

For my first contact, I ordered from one extreme to the next! I started with the Harvest salad. It’s a bed of spinach topped with apple, butternut squash, and dried cranberries. On the side is a ball of goat cheese, rolled in crushed walnuts, and apple cider vinaigrette dressing. This was a very colorful plate of greens, red, and yellows. If your looking for a lite meal or something to get you geared up for the main course, one of their garden fresh salads is a great place to start.

Now for me, salad is usually a warmup for the main course. Like stretching before before running a marathon. Yeah, I know I’m comparing eating to running a marathon, but have you seen me eat? Poetry in motion!

For my main course I ordered the 14oz Ribeye steak cooked medium. It’s hand cut and certified Angus beef. The plate comes with two sides and recommend are the garlic mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts.

The Ribeye was extremely tender and juicy with a mild flavor. This allows you to enjoy the flavors of the beef and side items without one overpowering the other. A blissful blending of flavors. But…to kick it up several degrees on the flavor scale, you have to get a side of their homemade Worcestershire sauce! With each slice of steak, I would gently dip the sauce for just the right amount per bite!

Now, although I’m sure you can order any two side of your choosing, the garlic mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts were the perfect compliment to my steak! Crafted so that one compliments the other in perfect harmony.

Before I go further, I’ve got to give mad props to the roasted brussel sprouts. They are sliced and roasted with applewood bacon and maple syrup. It was so good, I’m seriously considering buying a family size catering portion….and I might even share, maybe!

My daughter wanted something plant based and decided to try Southern Craft’s Beyond Burger. This burger was beautiful! She ordered it with a side of sweet potato fries and ate every morsel. Well, I did get to try one bite, for research, and it was very good. I’d definitely consider ordering it on a future visit.

Speaking of sweet potato fries, after discussing the restaurant and it’s menu with the manager, I was told that the sweet potato fries are the only item that is not crafted in house. So if you are into exploring new places and trying new menus created from scratch, then Southern Craft, Stove + tap should definitely be on your to try list!

See y’all there!!!

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