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The Dining Room @ Midtown Pointe food Court in Tupelo

The Dining Room @ Midtown Pointe food Court in Tupelo

NOW OPEN! The Dining Room @ Midtown Pointe food Court in Tupelo.

Open Monday and Tuesday 10:30am -5:00pm, Wednesday-Friday 10:30am – 8:00pm. For updated hours, menu, specials and more, visit them on Facebook.

Burgers, pasta, wings, salads, and more is what’s cooking at Tupelo’s newest dinning destination inside Midtown Pointe! They have order off the menu as well as on the go, cafeteria style options for a quick lunch.

This Friday I was honored to have been invited to preview the menu , so of course we’re gonna show y’all what’s you can expect with all the tasty details!

They have several salads to choose from. One that will surely be a hit is the Meat Eater. This one is loaded with fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onion, croutons, cheese, ham, turkey, and real bacon bits. I love that everything is chopped into bit size pieces!

Good pasta is always on my to-eat list so when I saw Chicken Diavola on the menu I had to try it! They start with bow tie noodles then add in Tuscan chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, all swimming in Zeke’s white wine cream sauce. OMG!!! I could eat this every day! Tender chicken in a creamy sauce with just the right amount of added veggies and other spices for a slight tartness that ties it all together.

The wings I sampled were the boomerang flavor swimming in sauce with a side of their homemade hand cut fries. Tender chicken cooked perfectly with just the right amount of seasoning drenched in sauce. It’s a sweet flavor all it’s own but not overly sweet. I even dunked my fries in the surplus sauce. Now, you can’t be shy when eating wet wings. Just request extra napkins and dig in like nobody’s watchin’.

The burgers…DANG!!! Pictured is the Double Up Burger. Double meat, double cheese, mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion. These were HUGE, in house, hand patted beef patties, seasoned and served with fresh toppings and hand cut fries.

This burger was tasty and beautiful. For a moment, I had to just gaze at the patty as a hint of seasoning was visible, clinging to the golden crevices of the outer edges. Yeah, I know this sounds like a line from a paperback romance novel, but it truly was a DANG good burger!

These folks have been in the catering business for a while honing their skills and carefully paying attention to every detail. For example, hand cut fries, in-house prepared beef patties, homemade croutons, and for their Piggyback bbq topped burger, the bbq comes from local legend Clay’s House of Pig!

Although they are just now embarking on this new adventure, I’m told that even more exciting menu options are in the works!

Since The Dinning Room will have lunch and dinner hours, and delivery via WaitrApp, I encourage everyone to drop by, say hi, and give them a try. See Y’all there!!!

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