Vanelli’s Bistro

Vanelli’s Bistro

Vanelli’s Bistro @ 206 West Main, Tupelo, MS. Greek salad & House Pizza!

When Vanelli’s Bistro opened recently in Downtown Tupelo, there was a sense of déjà vu in the air. Yes, they have a new game plan, but still possess the best qualities we’ve looked forward to over the years. From Voz Vanelli checking on customers, live music, upbeat atmosphere, to their fabulous food! Even the lion heads from the previous location were rescued after the tornado and now watch over the Downtown Bistro. 

Vanelli’s focus is mostly take out and limited indoor dining. Their new menu has been refined to reflect their new bistro atmosphere which includes their famous pizza whole or by the slice and salad.  

When you enter the Bistro, head for the counter and place your order. They have over head screens with the menu and even the animated video of Pizza Man vs the Tornado! 

It’s a quick and simple process. Order your food, grab a drink from the cooler or the fountain machine and have a seat or take out.  

I went with a ready to serve slice of the house pizza and Vanelli’s Classic Greek Salad. You can choose a ready made salad from the cooler or have one made fresh.  

My small Vanelli’s Classic Greek salad was made fresh while I waited and was delicious! This is the same salad folks have enjoyed from Vanelli’s for decades. It starts with romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, celery, bell pepper, pepperoncini, Greek olive, feta cheese and Greek dressing.  
My slice of pizza was huge and loaded with cheese and toppings. The House version has Pop’s Pizza sauce, then they pile on mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, bacon, mushroom, onion and bell pepper.  

This wasn’t a lightweight piece of pizza…it had heft to it. By the time I had finished my slice and half my small Greek salad, I was stuffed!  

As I sat enjoying my meal and listened to a live acoustical performance, I watched the flow of customers come and go like clock work. Everyone having a good time and wrapping up their week with Voz Vanelli at Vanelli’s Bistro. 😎✌️

See y’all there!!!

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