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What the “New Normal” Can Teach Us About Love and Life

What the “New Normal” Can Teach Us About Love and Life

With all the “new normal” in place now…I am finding out I probably wasn’t all that normal to begin with. I mean…Are any of us normal? What is normal? How in the heck do we define that? 

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Instead of losing myself in a worldwide pandemic, I found myself. I dug deep down, past all the busy life, mom duty, schoolwork and hustle bustle of living to get back to the basics. The basics of just what made me happy. What was worth it all in the end. I took the time to smell the roses and take my little son on a walk every day to see nature. I took the time to really get to talk to my teenagers about life and the values they hold. I took the time to do some soul searching if the career I was pursuing needed to be altered so that I could do something I was more passionate about. I took the time to consider if I was to leave this earth soon…have I left a legacy? I took the time to read books and sink into the faraway places found in the pages there in…because let’s face it, I wasn’t going to hop on a plane any time soon. 

I barely made it back into the states from a two-week trip to London and Paris when the whole country started locking down. I was not prepared for the turn of events, because none of us truly were. I am not too much of a political debating person so I am not here to sway your thoughts on if this is a political flu or a virus that is terribly serious. I just want us all to take a minute to think about the things this virus brought us, regardless if you personally think it is make-believe or not. Let’s think about the lessons we learned from it all and the value of it in life, because I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason.

Truth is, it caused us to realize that we take a lot of things for granted. Being able to just jump on a plane and travel was right up there on the list for me. Being able to rush my child to the hospital and be able to go back with him when he was treated…another forgotten point of gratefulness. The ability to choose if we send our kids to school. The ability to just walk into a store and shop. The ability to be able to go to work every single day. So many small things we sometimes get so wrapped up in life to forget. Or at least I certainly do. I forgot what it was like to play board games with my kids, to call my parents up a bit more often, to have a zoom call with friends because I missed seeing them, to be able to read a whole book without being interrupted with a million places I needed to go, to eat a bit healthier, to check up on loved ones and the list goes on. 

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Yes, I took the time to assess just where I might have gotten off track with the hectic life I lived. The importance of family and friends. The value of saying I love you now, instead of later when it might be too late. I chose to let go of a branch of my business to pursue my more passionate branch of writing. I chose to listen to my children and what their goals are in their coming high school years. I chose to relish the moments I have when I can go on a trip to the beach, the mall or even out to eat some tacos. 

So, if this is the “new normal” …I am glad I signed up. Stopping to smell the roses has been a great reminder of what is truly important in life. Sometimes we get so caught up in this crazy life that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Breathe. Play. Have fun. Laugh more. Dance more. Eat that ice cream. Call your mom. Love yourself. Love others. Don’t wait…because this might be just a reminder, we all need to go back to the root of it all…love.

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