Comer’s Restaurant

Comer’s Restaurant

Comer’s Restaurant in Dorsey, MS. Take out only for now. Open 7am-9pm Monday-Saturday. #takeoutwithjeffjones

What I ordered: A fried catfish fillet, fries, and a Ribeye steak sandwich with cheese and bacon.

Perfect as always! Both the fries and fish still had a little bit of crispiness left after arriving home. Most items are prepared with little or no salt, so I added some seasoned salt to both, mixed a little catsup with some hot sauce, and then had a perfect combination!

That would have been plenty but I hadn’t had one of their famous Ribeye steak sandwiches in a while so I added one with cheese and bacon. Pure awesomeness!!!

Although this is take out, please remember to tip the nice young people coming out to fill your orders. They were on the spot, and came out about as soon as I pulled up.

See y’all there!!!

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