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Do You Want to Break Free from the Limits of Time?

Do You Want to Break Free from the Limits of Time?

Time. It is a concept that in today’s society we must understand in order to cope, but in the grand scheme of life…it is actually not even relevant. I was listening to a training this week by a well-known leader when she made a statement that really resonated with me; yet I had never stopped to think about it until she stated the obvious. That the concept of “divine timing” is actually a controversial statement in itself because there is no concept of time on the level of the Divine. We, as humans walking this earth, invented time as a concept to help us. It isn’t relevant beyond us here on earth. 

I remember going to church as a child and hearing that in heaven there was no “time” and thinking so deeply on it my little brain was perplexed. I couldn’t imagine no time. Nothing was given a linear scale of measurement in that spot called heaven. I literally could not fathom it. Then, as I grew older and became an adult…here I am, still trying to wrap my mind around that factual piece of science. That time is only good where time is recognized. 

Time has been a pet peeve of mine since I was young. If something starts at a certain time, I never understood people who could not get there on time. I mean, you know when it starts. Matter of fact, I was always early. If I couldn’t be on time…I just wouldn’t show up. I hated being late. So, it has been something that probably irked me more than the normal human to even try to daydream what life would be like without time measurements. Come to think of it, it’s probably an easy concept for people who don’t pay attention to time to begin with…not naming any names. You know who you are. I seriously don’t even know how you can cope with the whole no concept of time going on, but who am I to judge?

Here I am. Thirty-eight years old. Trying to wrap my brain around no divine timing, because timing doesn’t exist in the divine. How that changes things up for me still is unrecognizable. What really matters if you take time away from it all? Would we even care about everything that we normally care so much about if there was no concept of time? Would we stress as much as we do with no time? Would we worry about what others think? Would we respect others more or less? It brings on a whole lot of questions that kind of makes my adult brain hurt to dig that deep right now. All I know is that time is a concept that I don’t need when I am living in alignment with the Universe. It isn’t about timing at all. The Divine always says yes. The Universe always has my back. It is always bringing me closer to my desires right when I want or need them, but because I am stuck on time and linear levels…I stand with a gap of misalignment between me and the amazing gifts the Universe is trying to give me. 

Time keeps on ticking…

What if we removed time from our table of manifesting and tried instead to reach deep within to find what we need on an alignment level instead of time level? On a level of becoming the person I need to become and aligned with my desires so that I can reach my next level self. Maybe I am too hard on myself because I put time tables on myself. I think too much on the level of time. If I erased that, would it change who I am and how I show up for myself? Probably so. I still don’t know that I can even grasp the concept of no time, that is going to be a hard one for me, but it is worth trying to do so. Slowly. Lots of baby steps. Granting myself permission to let go of the control even on a time level and remember that in the divine scheme of life…time really is irrelevant. When we die…it won’t even exist. It might lessen our stress to try to loosen our grip on it some…that still is yet to be seen. I actually think it might stress me out more, but I am going to give it a shot. I could probably use the extra “time” to do some other things that are more aligned for my divine being anyway.

Until next time folks…time keeps ticking.

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