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Jo’s Cafe Food Truck

Jo’s Cafe Food Truck

Jo’s Cafe Food Truck – What I ordered: Bacon Ring Burger, Philly Steak, Philly Chicken.

Most everything at Jo’s Cafe is homemade. From their signature blended burger patties, hand breaded chicken tenders that are double dipped in Johnny’s signature batter, to the home grown tomatoes (when in season).

The burger patties are quarter pound each and can be ordered from a single patty, to their bucket list burger with three patties.

For my first visit, I went with Jo’s Signature Bacon Ring Burger! It has Jo’s Signature Blend Burger patty, cheese, fresh veggies, and a slice of onion wrapped in bacon! This is an extremely tasty burger! Although condiments were offered, I held off adding mustard or mayo so I could taste the flavor of the burger without add ons. It had a well blended flavor, but if you paced yourself, your could identify each of the carefully chosen ingredients.

While there, I also picked up a Philly Chicken and a Philly Steak for the family. The Philly Chicken was moist, packed with flavor and loaded with chicken.

The Philly Steak isn’t your average steak sandwich. They buy quality cuts of beef and slice their own for the best cuts to add to their Philly’s. I tested a few pieces of the Philly meat and it was totally tender and savory to the taste.

Not to over look the sides, the onion rings are huge! The fries are hand cut and prepared on location in Jo’s Cafe. And be sure to try Jo’s Cafe house spice blend. It adds a nice kick to your fries or any side! Just ask!

When creating the menu and portion size, they decided to think like the customer. When you get a sandwich, it will look awesome and taste great. Plus, the portion sizes are huge. One order of fries are enough to feed 2 or 3 people!

The folks behind Jo’s Cafe also have a rich story of giving back to the community. In part by providing disaster relief during times of emergency.

For the rest of the story about Jo’s Cafe and their daily locations, visit their page at:


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