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KILLER CEREAL, the newest addition to the CRAVE community in Downtown Tupelo has exploded onto the local scene like the Kool-Aid man through a brick wall on Saturday morning tv!

But why? Although you could pour up a bowl of cereal and watch toons at home, it’s much more than that.

After visiting Killer Cereal’s first two Saturdays, I’ve seen groups of all ages, including families with their young children playing board games while eating cereal and watching old school cartoons.

Brad Franks, the CRAVE guy, told me that they visited cereal bar restaurants in other states before deciding that it would be a good fit for the Crave community and Downtown Tupelo.

The excitement for something new, yet nostalgic, has became contagious. The influx of excited customers recently spilled over into the Crave space next door, tables out front, and in the nearby alleyway that has been converted into a quaint dining area for many local hot spots.

I don’t believe their is a single secret formula for creating a guaranteed dining destination. But folks sharing there excitement with others is a great start!

The readers of “Eating Out With Jeff Jones” has shared my recent story about Killer Cereal over 1,000 times and has reached over 150,000 people so keep the cereal flowing and the toons rolling!

We’ll see y’all there!!

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