Theo’s Feedmill

Theo’s Feedmill

Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant @ 400 South Spring Street, Fulton, MS. Open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00am till 2:30pm. Open for dinner Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 5pm – until. **Menus in photos below**

What I’ve ordered:

Pettit’s Mississippi Rattlesnake eggs $8.00.

“The Big Jim Naden” 16 oz. Ribeye $22.00.

Half pound burger $6.00.

Downtown Fulton is full of historic buildings and fond memories. Much has changed since I graduated from Itawamba Agricultural High School in 1985, but the memories remain.

I remember meeting up with classmates for lunch at numerous nearby restaurants, hanging out in the Ford place parking lot on a Saturday night with friends, and grabbing a quick snack while playing a game at Maxcy’s Pool Hall. Ahhh, good times!

Although the ICC campus in Downtown Fulton has grown exponentially over the past 30 years, the number of restaurants have dwindled from around a dozen, down to only a handful.

Theo’s Feed Mill opened around 1945. Since then, the wood framed building has served our community and is known by most everyone. Although it has been sitting idle for some time, that has recently changed!

Theo’s Feed Mill is only a short walk from Matt Moore’s previous Small Chef’s BBQ & Catering location. Since opening Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant, Matt has has consolidated his services under one roof.

Resurrecting Theo’s historic structure while giving it new life and purpose had been a passion of Matt’s for some time.

I’ve talked with Matt and been given tours throughout the transformation from Feed Mill to Resturant. He has did an amazing job of preserving its history while incorporating all the ingredients of a must visit restaurant destination!

Matt can walk you through the restaurant and tell you the local history of most every photo and display item, taking on the role as local historian as well as restaurant owner.

Everyone of all ages are encouraged to come experience the restaurant. There is also a separate bar room where alcohol is available and only those of legal age are permitted.

Matt has styled the bar like a scene from an old western with whisky barrel tables and a huge mirror behind the bar with some memorabilia from Fulton’s past in the mix.

Although Matt is still serving up some great BBQ by day on the lunch menu, you’ll find new menu items with a Cajun flare, pasta, brisket, prime rib, ribeye, catfish, shrimp, burgers, and a whole lot more among his dinner selections!

For a taste of the lunch menu I dropped by on a Friday and ordered the half pound burger and fries. At half a pound, it was a mouthful especially after I requested it dressed and with cheese! All the veggies were crisp and the hunk of beef was cooked perfectly. A winning combination!

Speaking of the menu, I’m a firm believer that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to food. But Matt’s dinner menu descriptions really pulls you in and excites your imagination! You’ll find Brashear’s Boudin Bites, Pettit’s Mississippi Rattlesnake Eggs, and Brown’s “Howlin’ at the Moonshine” Tacos just to get you started!

For my “appe-teaser” I choose the Pettit’s Mississippi Rattlesnake eggs! Although it has nothing to do with rattlesnakes or eggs, it does have quite a nice bite to it. It’s bacon wrapped jalapeños stuffed with a Cajun cocktail smokie, & parmesan, and drizzled with jalapeño jelly. If your wanting a bold beginning to a new foodie adventure then this is a great place to start!

Before digging into your main course, you’ve got to make a trip to Theo’s 12 foot salad bar.

It has enough real estate to accommodate a garden full of fresh veggies including Matt’s popular broccoli salad!

For my main course I was finding it difficult to choose just one. I wanted to try everything, and I wanted it now! So, I decided to go big and order the largest steak on the menu, “The Big Jim Naden”! It’s a huge 16 oz. Ribeye cooked to your specs with a potato and salad or your choice of two sides.

A tender, juicy steak holds its own without having to add extra sauces and my 16 oz. ribeye definitely hits the mark! We’re talking premium Black Angus Beef that’s guaranteed tender! If your feeling adventurous, there are several steak toppers available that will please most palates.

Folks, I have driven by Theo’s occasionally these past several months just to see Matt and the crew burning the midnight oil getting things ready for opening day. That day finally arrived…See y’all there!!!

Lunch menu
Dinner menu

Dinner menu

See y’all there!!!

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