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Club 3Six3 – Mantachie

Club 3Six3 – Mantachie

Club 3SIX3

250 Lallar Circle, Mantachie, Mississippi (next to city hall & police station)

Family dining & game room

Friday and Saturday 3pm – 12pm, Sunday 11am – 9pm.

Back in the day, in a galaxy far, far, away…or at my age it seems that way, I’d meet with friends after school for a game of pool or foosball and a bite to eat. Ahhhh…good times!

Although my fond memories are of a distance past, the folks at Club 3six3 in Mantachie decided to recreate the fun atmosphere and favorite foods for a new generation to enjoy.

Their menu has plenty of choices to choose from including burgers, chicken, steak, salads, cold plates, bbq, loaded taters, and more. But… a couple of my favs are the fried pickleo’s and old fashion Dough Burger!

For my first visit, I ordered fries, pickeleo’s, a cheeseburger, and a dough burger.

The Dough Burger is prepared with Angus Beef, a mixture of Mom’s special seasonings, and your choice of toppings. Of course, in my opinion, you gotta go with the traditional mustard, pickle, and onion. Sooo good!

Their burgers are also prepared with real Angus beef and your choice of topping to make it your own. You can go with a single with minimal additions or trick it out with double patties, cheese, and a few veggies for good measure.

Club 3six3 not only provides some fine eats, but also a well equipped game room and party room! When you enter the building, you’ll first notice several dining tables and corner lounging area lined with pillows and tv’s for extra entertainment while enjoying a meal.

Venture inside a little further, and you’ll pass a dedicated party room for birthdays and special occasions, then a huge game room with all the classics. There are activities ranging from pool, foosball, ping pong, and table hockey, to board games available for all ages to enjoy.

Club 3six3 also found some funky cool seating for a laid back lounging experience. For only five bucks you can play unlimited games or for FREE on Sundays!

Club 3six3 is a hidden gem that brings back fond memories for us older folks, while making new ones for the younger generation. A place where good times, good food, and good vibes are always on the menu. See y’all there!

See y’all there!!!

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